In time my designs were perfected

April 19, 2019

In time my designs were perfected

It was the 1970s. I consider them years to be the dark ages for underprivileged children because many adults treated me badly. It was near the end of the decade when the Goddess gave me a vision. My idea was to break with the norm in art class and use several strings to make my beaded project instead of the usual single string. The teacher became upset when I cut my string into three pieces and I was told my idea would not work and I could not do it. Thank you for encouraging my artistic ability. It wasn’t until 30 years later that I had the desire to pursue the vision again. Thankfully I never forgot.

In 2006 the Magic Gina of the Starlite asked me to make a necklace for her. As I searched the bead isle at the local hobby shop I came across seed beads and my childhood idea came back to me in full color. I worked on her necklace for 17 hours and the first Snakelace was created. It was a prototype that I had to correct on my second attempt because the cable I used would not allow the seed beads to sit close enough for the desired effect. On the second Snakelace I used a braided string and the beads set tight just as I had imagined in my childhood vision. The Magic Gina was so impressed with her prototype Snakelace that I had to continue building more.

As I created jewelry I experimented. I tried different beads until I found Delicas and they gave me the perfect fit I desired. Now my most beautiful works are very smooth and streamlined and the beads lay like the scales on a snakes back. I thought of many different patterns I could recreate in different color combinations and now have more than 30 patterns for folks to choose from. I looked at other beading techniques and learned other stitches which I employ in my jewelry to build Floating Crystal bracelets.

In time my designs were perfected. I started out making jewelry to give as gifts because they are very inexpensive to build and I didn’t have excessive cash. The folks who received a piece of my creations always told me to go into sales so for the last few years I have been testing the market to discover what I can achieve financially by building and selling my products.