Canvas and More by Aly

February 20, 2019

Canvas and More by Aly

Canvas and More by Aly started a few short years ago in 2014. It all started when I was unable to play sports. I was a top high school girl’s soccer player and held dear a dream to get a college scholarship. But God had a different plan, I ended up getting four major concussions in 10 months, and if I got one more I could have increased the amount of damage to my brain and day to day function. I was devastated and had to stop playing the sport I played for almost 15 years.

One day as it neared Christmas in 2014, I had no idea what to give for gifts, so I decided to make my own. I have always loved creating art and in school I took as many art classes as I could but wanted to do something more than drawing them a simple picture on a piece of paper.

So it began, I picked up that paint brush and I pressed it to canvas. I began by searching Pinterest. I searched until I found a cute saying that spoke to me and made a background for it. My very first canvases were a dream catcher and a quote saying “don’t let anyone dull your sparkle." from that day forward it just stuck and I began the journey of coming up with my own designs. I then would offer them for sale to many friends and families for various gifts and occasions.

I soon learned God wasn’t done with me yet, I was able to impact people's lives with my hand painted art. Using His words and messages to bring light and motivation to anyone that came in touch with my art. My goal with my art was show every customer that you can be knocked down and get up even stronger. I continue to share my story of abuse and rape. I am not looking for sympathy but simply hope to show that God always has your back and will get you through anything.

As my story and artwork began to be requested in larger quantities all over the USA, I decided to open my Etsy Shop, in October of 2016. I run my Etsy shop in my small college dorm room most of the year, it may be a small space but that doesn’t stop me from creating my heart out. Daily I look forward to finding unique and original ways to bring happiness and inspiration to lives around the world. To date I have sold well over 1,000 canvases and art pieces and wont stop until the whole world hears of Gods everlasting glory and love. My story isn’t over; it is just beginning. By giving my life back to God and putting my artwork out there, it lead me to the love of my life. His eye was caught by my artwork and even though we had been family friends for years, we had never dated or anything and just a few shorts years later, we have been happily dating and now we are going to get married!!! God works in amazing ways, we may not see it now but he's is always wanting the best for us! And that is how canvas and more by Aly started and continues to grow daily spreading the glorious words of Jesus. Thank-you and I hope that the art work I create brings as much joy to you as it does to me when I create it.